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Defiance is recruiting all modes, all levels, and all classes.

I suggest that if you plan on recruiting, be creative. Trust me, it gets people's attention xD
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Welcome to Defiance guild site!! ^^ 

Look around and stuff, you'll find almost anything you need.
Of course.. if you have questions, talk to the leader in game, or post it on the forums :D
The same can be said for complaints, which should probably be on forums (so we can fix it and whatnot). There is also a GAME in the "Member's Chat" section of the forum, which is quite fun.. OR you can start your own game, if you hate mine.

Also, fabulous guildies, if you so desire, you can apply to be an OFFICER! That's right, you too can have the kind of power that I have!! ..well almost. xD Anyways, general requirements for officer are in the information box, and if you meet the requirements, just post your application in the "Officer Registration" category on the forum. Include important stuff, like maybe your time zone, how much you play in a week or so.. maybe your age, and the reason you want to be officer. Keep it simple! I don't have all day to read those!
Totally excited about ya'll using this, and I would recommend checking events every week or so, so you can keep up with guild stuff. Anyways, that's pretty much all, and I really do hope you all check up on this frequently.


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